"Martha is a gifted healer who approaches her work with compassion. She is very grounded, listens with an open heart, and works with your body on an intuitive level. She has often gone above and beyond - helping me out when it was much needed. It is always such a gift to be treated by her." -Heather C. 


I first came to Silver City in the late summer of 2002 to attend a 9 month long massage program at the College of Natural Healing. I fell into love with the mountains, the people and the beauty of Silver City, and it has been my main home for a journey of healing transformation that is still unfolding 16 years later. 

Abundance Therapeutics LLC was founded in 2006, when I got my massage license in the state of New Mexico. Over these 13 years, I have been active in my full time practice, building long term relationships with my clients, and fellow healer colleagues.  

When I am not at my office, I enjoy running and being at our new house, with my husband Doug, and our dogs Maggie and Jasper. 2018 was our last year at Townside Farm. Doug and I completed certificates in Permaculture Design with Geoff Lawton and have completed a REX Large Scale Farm Design with Darren Doherty. 


          Half-marathon  for fun at City of Rocks Fall 2017                                                                     Maggie, Doug and Jasper, my sweethearts!