Just the simple act of laying on the wonderful warmth of the Amethyst and Tourmaline BioMat had amazing benefits to your body, mind and spirit. Ease joint and muscle pain, strains and inflammation by increasing local circulation where the mat is applied. BioMat sessions help reduce stress and fatigue, improve sleep, boost the immune system, soothe and relax the body. 

$20 BioMat Sessions are 30 minutes long.You lay on your back on the large BioMat, with a small BioMat draped across the abdomen for a sandwiched effect. I set the meditation timer and let you enjoy the heat, relaxation and delight of the BioMat. Energywork or a cupping facial is available during the BioMat sessions for an additional fee of $20 per session. I offer a discount for past or current cancer patients and their caregivers. 

"I just left my wonderful BioMat session. I could truly feel stress and tension gently flow away. I left feeling calm and energized and ready to face the world." -Happy BioMat Customer

"Just an update on the sinus work you did...I noticed a big difference when sleeping last night. I'm usually really congested to the point where I can only breathe through my mouth. But last night and since then, it seems like things are in constant motion with a lot of drainage and after I blow my nose, I can actually breathe through my nose instead of being constantly, fully congested. Thanks so much for that session! The whole experience was wonderful!" Here's her experience after the 2nd treatment. "The work you did on me yesterday was great! I slept easier and that lightness/ clear feeling in my sinuses is staying with me through the day. Thank you!" -BioMat with Cupping Facial Customer

I offer half price rates to people with a current or past diagnosis of cancer, as well as their primary cargivers. Sessions of the BioMat are amazing for raising the core body temperature, boosting the immune system, softening the nervous system to find peace, and to ease the symptoms of chemotherapy or radiation.

Please note appointments are required and payment is expected upon completion of the session. Cash, credit cards, and checks accepted. Returned checks are subject to an additional $35 collection fee payable in cash. There is a cancellation fee equaling half the rate of the service booked for appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. This does not apply in case of emergency or illness.